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<p>Less than a week after the launch of Super Mario Run Nintendo has broken records, created a split in gaming fans, and will probably split us again due to their decision to forgo content updates to the game.</p><p>For obvious reasons investors aren't exactly happy about Nintendo's decision. Reports from The Wall Street Journal note that shares dropped by 7.1% after the game's lackluster reviews and are understandably concerned about SMR's payment model.</p><p>A bunch of you guys probably won't care all that much but the problem lies in the game's replayability and longevity. After all, when you play a mobile game to death there's nothing more to do until the next content update comes out, bringing new levels with it.</p><p>Super Mario Run has yet to come out on Android, so maybe Nintendo still has some time to think about the game in a little more detail.</p><p>What do you guys think about the apparent lack of content updates? Let us know in the comment below!</p>.

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