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<p>Space Dust Studios has found a way to overcome the problem of running out of controllers when playing party games with lots of people. The solution lies in smartphones.</p><p>The studio is currently developing a vehicular combat game called Space Dust Racers for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It supports up to 16 players but barely anyone has enough controllers to make use of that. I bet you don't.</p><p>So, what Space Dust Studios came up with is a way to easily add smartphones, tablets, and laptops as additional controllers.</p><p>You don't even have to download an app for it to work. The studio developed a browser-based technology that connects the devices through a web server, or by Bluetooth, or USB.</p><p>The only concession the studio had to make was that the game's controls had to be simple enough to be played on touchscreens.</p>.

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