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<p>Square Enix has announced that it'll be shutting down Final Fantasy VII G-Bike this December.</p><p>The game was launched in Japan for iOS and Android back in October 2014. It was supposed to be heading west but, well, now it'll never get a chance.</p><p>It's based on the combat biking mini-game in Final Fantasy VII (which, incidentally, is available on iOS now).</p><p>The idea is to take out enemies with Cloud's huge Buster Sword as he rides on his motorbike. Sometimes other characters from the RPG appear to help you out.</p><p>It had a Materia-based system (the energy source in FFVII) that is expended when attacking. It could also be used to buy and customise bikes.</p><p>If you are playing the Japanese version of the game you'll want to know that you won't be able to buy Gems after October 13th.</p><p>The rest of us will just have to dream about it as we continue playing Final Fantasy VII.</p>Siliconera.

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