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In this category, you can find the list of Mod apk Games developed for Android Education Games.

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"Yes, Miss Cornelia. It is very amazing, isn't it?"...
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Champion vs Superhero Mod Bat vs Superhero v2.0.0 mod Features:Into the game giving away large amounts of currency.Bat vs Superhero - new contest with superheroes. This time you should fight against the superior opponent. The greatest battle for the justice in your hand! Experience the ultimate fighting game in open world. Fight for justice and marvel everybody with your power!Bat vs Superhero:Strategize all your actions, help to the civilians and earn exclusive rewards.Embark on quests to defeat superior enemy, help to find and return stolen car and, of course, face the challenge of fighting against main villain.Collect, level up and manage your character to receive wisely bonuses.The more powerful your hero, the better his abilities and special moves will be.Quest and battle. Just remember, check map and fulfill a task. But also you need some rest too to get your energy back.Extreme, practice it, otherwise life in virtual world won't be so epic! Intriguing and ruthless world of superheroes and champions at your fingertips.Bat vs Superhero - who will win? Real battle of gods under your control!....
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BR Truck Mod BR Truck Mod APK 1.1 Features:Br Truck is a Brazilian truck game in development!In this game you will be able to enjoy different systems and an extensive map with several trucks!Systems already implemented in the game:freight systemfunctional workshopExit vehicle systemextensive mapBetween othersMINIMUM REQUIREMENTS2GB RAMANDROID 5.0We will always keep the game updated for better gameplay!....
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<p>Yesterday Rogue Snail and Akupara Games announced that they'd be bringing the casual RPG Star Vikings to mobile as Star Vikings Forever - and you've not got long to wait.</p><p>....
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<p>Mobile mega-publisher Nexon just launched its newest RPG, Darkness Rises, worldwide today. Darkness Rises plunges players into The Underworld, a gloomy dark fantasy setting replete with demons and other evil beings. As you might have guessed, it’s your job to battle the monstrous hordes and prevent them from escaping to attack the peaceful world above.</p><p>Darkness Rises features single player play, along with your usual multiplayer dungeons that you can tackle with friends or guildmates. Combat is class-based, meaning you can choose between a variety of different characters including the physical damage dealing Berserker or the magic-wielding Wizard.</p><p>Darkness Rises is free-to-play, and you can download it right now on iOS or Android.Have you tried Darkness Rises? Is it a promising new RPG adventure or just another free-to-play grind? Let us know in the comments.</p>...