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<p>It's Nintendo Direct time and it's time to talk about ARMS, the upcoming arena battler headed to the Nintendo Switch. <p>Introducing the newest contender to #ARMS - the fighting noodle girl Min Min! She can knock down an opponent’s arms with a mere kick.— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) April 12, 2017 Today we got a deeper look at the different types of arms, special attacks, and more. You can also use in-game currency to unlock different arms to give your players different abilities, as well as mix and matching arms to really switch things up.</p><p>More excitingly, we've been introduced to ARMS' latest addition, Min Min. Min Min is a new noodle-armed character who can deflect enemy attacks with a well-timed kick. She can also throw her opponent and transform her left arm into a dragon, as you do.</p><p>ARMS will be launching on the Nintendo Switch on June 16th.</p>.

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